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The Radian Approach

The Radian approach is to design and develop better tools at unbeatable prices.  We specify every detail of each product as we have the technical knowledge and experience needed to bring you the best.

We don't supply tools to traditional retailers which means there is no extra markup. Selling directly to the consumer and operating on very lean margins means we are able to pass on maximum value to our customers. This is very important as it enables Radian tools to produce extremely high quality tool at stunning prices... four flute cutters for dual flute money!

Professional quality is a term that is used by manufacturers and in some cases without reason.  Our tools are the best available in the world and when compared with our contemporaries will give the best performance, durability and value. We stand behind our finest quality standard.


About The Founders

David: Industrial Designer, Engineer, Mountainbiker.

Dan: Cabinet Maker, Furniture Designer, Mountainbiker, Guitarist.

The main thing we have in common is our passion for really well designed and well engineered products. It’s a great feeling when you spend your hard earned cash on a product because you admire it and aspire to create something which will give others a similar experience. This is why we have created Radian Tools.

Applying engineering principles to natural products like timber is always a challenge but having been disappointed by the range of tools available for crafting and machining timber we have decided to move to the next level.

The feeling of a newly sharpened jack plane slicing its way through a straight grained piece of Cherry is extremely satisfying. One perfect shaving after another.  This is the feeling we aim to create with our new 4 blade router cutter which means more accuracy, more perfect shavings and less correction in the form of sanding. After all, nobody likes sanding do they?!