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Three Flute Top Bearing Plunge Router Cutter - 19mm x 32mm

Three Flute Top Bearing Plunge Router Cutter - 19mm x 32mm
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After over a year of development we introduce the first Radiantools plunging router bit.  This cutter allows slots and rebates to be made with premium Radian surface quality.  Surface quality drives all our developments and is the heart of what we expect our tools to achieve.


Built into the tool are three micrograin tungsten carbide cutting surfaces.  One of the carbide cutting faces extends into the centre of the cutting tip of the tool which is required when plunging.  This means it will perform repeatedly as the tip is always cutting with a carbide face.  Lesser tools rely on steel cutting tips where there is no tungsten carbide.


A top double bearing is included, as is fast becoming a Radiantools trademark.  This allows the tool to accurately trace templates and guides with maximum ease.


As with all Radian router bits we squeeze as much tungsten carbide cutting surfaces into the tool as possible, so you get insane durability and quality of cut.



  • Plunging capability for slots and rebates
  • Upshear angle on cutting surfaces for efficient chip ejection.
  • Top bearings for template and guide use.
  • Three micrograin tungsten carbide precision ground blades.
  • More blades mean less sanding and finishing is required after machining.
  • Three cutting blades produce a very fine finish.
  • Great on hard timbers and end grain which can be difficult to finish.
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship.
  • The extra Tungsten Carbide gives great tool life. Our cutters are significantly more durable than twin flute cutters with no price premium.



What you get


  • 19mm x 32mm Premium Radian Four Flute Trim Cutter
  • Clear Tool Tube
  • Free UK delivery


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Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Alfred S
“Unbelievable!, when Ben from crimson guitars said this cut into the wood like butter I was a bit sceptical, but when I tried it out and it removed over a cm width at its full depth I was proven wrong. You barely even feel it cutting in its so sharp, and I've never seen shavings that big before. This just ate through mahogany, like as Ben said, as if it was butter.”