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Three Flute Top Bearing Plunge Router Cutter - 19mm x 10mm

Three Flute Top Bearing Plunge Router Cutter - 19mm x 10mm
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Based on the success of the original three flute 32mm Radian plunging cutter comes the 10mm version.  The benefit of a 10mm depth is that it can be used with thin templates and guides.  We’ve also included an extra long shank so multiple passes can be easily built up into really deep slots, pockets and grooves.


We've developed a loyal following of guitar builders so have developed this cutter with them in mind. It’s perfect for template work and in particular the machining of neck pockets and control cavities on electric guitar bodies.


Built into the tool are three micrograin tungsten carbide cutting surfaces.  One of carbide cutting faces extends into the centre of the cutting tip of the tool which is required when plunging.  This means it will perform repeatedly as the tip is always cutting with a carbide face.  Lesser tools rely on steel cutting tips where there is no tungsten carbide.  This is the feature that adds to the great quality cut.


As with all Radian router bits we squeeze as much tungsten carbide cutting surfaces into the tool as possible, so you get insane durability and quality of cut.



  • Three micrograin tungsten carbide precision ground blades.
  • Extra long 1/2" Shank for improved reach into deeper slots.
  • Short blades with plunging capability particularly suited to the control cavities on electric guitar bodies
  • Centre Carbide for excellent plunge cut quality.
  • Upshear angle on cutting surfaces for efficient chip ejection.
  • Trademark dual top bearings for template and guide use.


What you get


  • 19mm x 10mm Premium Radian Four Flute Trim Cutter
  • Clear Tool Tube
  • Free UK delivery

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