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Four Flute Dual Bearing Router Cutter - 19mm x 51mm

Four Flute Dual Bearing Router Cutter - 19mm x 51mm
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Enter our first 4 flute 51mm router cutter. This is the cutter that launched Radian and is the cutter most craftsman will be amazed by. The quality of this product is immediately apparent as it emerges from its packaging, we use the same premium suppliers as the established router brands and don't scrimp on the specification. Our products aren't cheap Far-East made tools, and are designed for craftsmen who look for the best. This cutter has been developed to be very versatile, be extremely durable and leave a superb finish.




  • Two top and one bottom bearing to allow flexible template use.
  • Four micrograin tungsten carbide precision ground blades.
  • More blades mean less sanding and finishing is required after machining.
  • Four cutting blades produce a very fine finish.
  • Great on hard timbers and end grain which can be difficult to finish.
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship.
  • The extra Tungsten Carbide gives great durability. Our cutters will go up to twice as far as a similar double flute pro cutters but are not double the price.
  • 1/2" Shank for maximum stability



What you get


  • 19mm x 51mm Premium Radian Four Flute Trim Cutter.
  • Clear Tool Tube.
  • Free UK delivery


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Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Chris G
“Great product. We've just finished creating a mirror for a client made from wenge, which is a pain to work with due to its hardness. The Radian router bit made it a breeze..”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Gary F
“Outstanding product. Ultra clean finish plus no scorching, even on vulnerable timbers like sycamore.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: STEPHEN S
“I have just been using the guided cutter I bought recently and it was < brilliant. I was doing pattern routing onto 19mm MDF and it did the job with ease and instead of having to leave a maximum of about 1mm it coped easily with 2 and even 3mm and left a perfect finish.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Robbie M
“Ive had my Profile cutter for a few weeks now and used it in my Triton table router setup, got to say its the best cutter ive used for profiling my guitars. It leaves a great clean finish even on the hardwoods I use in my guitars such as Wenge,Rosewood,Maple etc. Cheers Guys!”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Ian M
“I have just received my cutters and have tested them on a couple of our(Australian) hardwoods(Jarrah and Sheoak)What a beautiful finish for a Router bit,congratulations Radian Tools. Ian M Macpherson Western Australia”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Geoffrey W
“I have been using the 19mm x 51mm four-flute dual bearing router cutter to profile 18mm birch ply, and to finish 76mm x 64mm cutouts in 24mm thick maple. The cutter produces fine shavings and leaves a smooth surface with no scorching in the internal corners. Iíve found it a pleasure to use.”
Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Mark S
“I'm a furniture maker and a musical instrument maker and have used countless cutters over the years. I can say without any doubt that these are by far the best cutters I have encountered. Real build quality and razor sharp performance. Thanks guys&quot;#128077; Good value and great quality. It's good to see small British firms keeping the faith!!”