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Four Flute R6.3mm Roundover / Ovolo Router Cutter

Four Flute R6.3mm Roundover / Ovolo Router Cutter
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Create the perfect finishing touch of a Roundover or Ovolo edge which are usually visible and always important.  Cutting with four flutes allows a more accurate cut that is less likely to burn the delicate edge.  Creating a great cut in one go is always preferable to sanding more afterwards and distorting the edge.  



  • Flexibility of two cutters in one.
  • Less heat build-up than a similar two blade cutter
  • Four micrograin carbide precision ground blades.
  • Extremely long cutter life.  Our cutters will go up to twice as far as a similar double flute pro cutters but are not double the price!
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship throughout
  • Great on hard timbers and end grain which can be difficult to finish
  • 1/2" Shank


What you get

  • R6.3mm Premium Radian Four Flute Roundover & Ovolo Router Cutter Set
  • Clear Tool Tube
  • Bearing to give round over
  • Bearing to give ovolo profile
  • Free UK delivery


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Rating: 5 Star Rating Reviewer: Derrick W
“I've just tried this cutter on a composite board I made up of variable thicknesses of maple and walnut. It is absolutely wonderful. Very clean, smooth finish, even on end grain. The best cutter I've ever used. Definitely recommended!.”

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