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Four Flute Dual Bearing Router Cutter 19mm x 25mm

Four Flute Dual Bearing Router Cutter 19mm x 25mm
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Following the success of our 50mm four flute Radian trimmer is the 25mm version. If the majority of your template work is carried out on materials less than an inch thick this cutter can give you all the same performance benefits as our original 50mm cutter at an unbeatable price.  This bit has been developed to be very versatile, be extremely durable and leave a superb finish.


  • Two top and one bottom bearing to allow flexible template use.
  • Four micrograin tungsten carbide precision ground blades.
  • More blades mean less sanding and finishing is required after machining.
  • Four cutting blades produce a very fine finish.
  • Great on hard timbers and end grain which can be difficult to finish.
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship.
  • The extra Tungsten Carbide gives great tool life. Our cutters will go up to twice as far as a similar double flute pro cutters but are not double the price!
  • 1/2" Shank

What you get

  • 19mm x 25mm Premium Radian Four Flute Trim Cutter.
  • Clear Tool Tube.
  • Free UK delivery

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