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Sublime Finish

4 Flute Cutting:

Most router cutters are designed to meet a compromise between quality of cut and feed rate, ours are not. If superb finish is your priority, choose the 4 blade router cutter from Radian Tools. You wont find one anywhere else!  

Four flute bits provide an exceptionally smooth finish and are an excellent choice for use on materials that would normally chip easily when machined using single or double flute cutters. They give far superior results when machining hard materials like maple or Oak including end grain.

A circular cutter can never produce a perfectly flat surface but we think we are pretty close. A machined piece of timber has ripples and the closer the ripples, the flatter the surface. The size of each ripple depends on the feed rate, cutter RPM and number of cuts per rotation (or how many blades there are). More blades means more cuts and therefore a flatter surface.

Not only does four blades mean a superior finish but it also means your router bit will last a lot longer than a single or dual flute design. This is because for each revolution of the tool four cuts are made. When compared with a dual flute cutter of the same diameter, same RPM, same feed rate and same grade of tungsten each cut will remove half the material meaning half the stress on the blade. This means that the four blade cutter will last twice as long making our cutters excellent value for money.



Many router cutters can burn the timber
A two blade router cutter is used to remove 1mm of material.  Notice the burning and furry broken top edge.


Radian four blade cutters drastically reduce the risk of burning
A Radian four blade router cutter is used to remove 1mm of material.  Notice the lack of burning, the crisp edges and smooth finish.


Some router cutters leave machining marks
A two blade router cutter is used to remove a 1mm of material.  Notice the ripples created.  This would require further machining and sanding to fix.


Radian four blade cutters create an exceptionally smooth finish
A Radian four blade router cutter is used to remove 1mm of material.  The edge needs no sanding as it is incredibly smooth.


Radian four blade cutters are excellent for cutting particularly hard materials and awkward grain structures
Other router makes may struggle to cut these materials, leaving a surface that needs difficult secondary finishing.


...Including very knotty material!