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Four Flute 45 Degree Chamfer Router Cutter

Four Flute 45 Degree Chamfer Router Cutter
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Need to machine perfect chamfers? No problem with the Radian 45mm diameter chamfer bit. This router bit will cut through hardwoods with less heat build up and a better end result. It is undesirable to fine finish any chamfer by hand or machine as it is likely to distort, the Radian chamfer bit will give superb results straight from the tool combined with all the other benefits of four flute cutting.




  • Big cutting capacity.
  • Drastically reduced breakout.
  • Less heat build-up than a similar two blade cutter
  • Generous 19mm cutter height.
  • Four micrograin carbide precision ground blades.
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship throughout
  • Great on hard timbers and end grain which can be difficult to finish
  • Extremely long cutter life. Our cutters will go up to twice as far as a similar double flute pro cutters but are not double the price!
  • 1/2" Shank



What you get


  • 45mm x 19mm Premium Radian Four Flute Chamfer Router Cutter.
  • Clear Tool Tube
  • Free UK delivery


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